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A enigmatic, young, albino girl who travels with Mercy and Tiberius. Known wide and far as "purifier". Trauma , like Vaddon, had been gifted with a small amount of Angel blood. Where Vaddon becomes the vessel for Viviptuurazjh, Trauma becomes the vessel for Ash'nevekehk, the "nautiloid" entity of wrath and cleansing.

She is often very shy and soft-spoken, who enjoys exploring the various ruins of the world. despite her shy nature, she is an extremely curious individual.

Rather than seeing Mercy and Tiberius as parental figures or bodyguards, she treats them like close friends, sometimes teasing them when she is "feelin' froggy".

Mercy and Tiberius had met her during their travels through the ruins of a city; Trauma was being held prisoner by a savage cult who tormented her in hopes of "summoning" Ash'nevekehk "from her flesh". After a daring rescue of much butt-kickery, Trauma decided it to be best to stick with the strange shapeshifter and the "gas-mask-girl".
Trauma concept
shilst im in a jungle of editing Diende, I keep tracking to and from Diende:Ache setups. guess its for the better so the two won't conflict too much

legally belongs to me
I had planned on starting a new series and naming it "Ache" , yet the story never became deep enough for me to really invest much more into it. instead of tossing it entirely, I shall recycle it and make it into a Diende side story of sorts... Plus Ache is too good a title to give up.

So am currently working on "Diende:Ache". A story following Tiberius, Mercy, and the young lady "Trauma" through a more urban setting..... and by urban I mean a sideways city.

Because Khor (my initial Carnimancer) is more of a...fanfic character, and I love his design And concept, I will somewhat recycle and augment him into Tiberius. That way I get to really use the character in an original setting. 

.....though maybe I should finish up the original Diende segments now that its started....


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