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Modern practices of shapeshifting often lead to individuals who can morph their form for that of another human. Primordial shapeshifting, involves a much deeper and profound practice that is incredibly rare to manage, let alone master.

Carnimancy is an art that requires an individuals constant attention, and when perfected and utilized, makes an individual vastly powerful through a mastery of self-biomass morphology, and density/matter manipulation.

The requirements for utilizing this skill to its fullest potential are not only a talent for Primordial art, but a knowledge for biology, anatomy, and especially chemistry.

Through mastering this art, one can create "Pocket buffers" that act like tiny pocket dimensions within oneself, allowing huge amounts to mass to be tucked away. These pockets can not only be used to store biomass, but items and even other people. A Carnimancer can hide away an arsenal, or stow away and free a handful of slaves.

A master in Carnimancy can change from a titan of teeth and tendrils, to a small tunneling worm in a matter of seconds. Through Carnimancy, one can become resistant to almost all physical attacks, immune to all disease and toxins, and extreme cold.
Primordial Arts: Carnimancy
like Khor and Tiberius!

shapeshifting! though... less Mystique or skinwalker...and more...uhhh... the closest example I can give is... Double from Skullgirls.
Hemomancy: the manipulation of blood through Primordial magic. Often an overlooked practice, hemomancy is a magic with a dark stigma. Those with the discipline and knowledge to perfect the art can become formidable fighters, trackers/sensitives(detect heartbeats, track blood to its original owner), or skilled medics.

With Hemomancy, and a decent education in anatomy and physiology, the potential healing factor of a medic is exponentially increased: being able to stop bleeding, "feel" and find internal hemorrhaging, and cleanse wounds whilst sealing them.

When it comes to combat, there are three direct methods:

1.make weak-willed foes into blood puppets to immediately incapacitate them.

2.drain their blood (Foe's willpower and/or talent in Primordial arts effect effectiveness of the draining)

3. Construct a "blood golem" of sorts by utilizing available blood. The Hemomancer creating said construct must "Imprint" a set of thoughts and instincts into the construct itself, that it may do its task without the constant presence of the Hemomancer. The construct itself is not limited in form, as the limits are the Hemomancers imagination ( often crabs, scorpions, octopi, ect)

4. directly construct tools to use and manipulate; such as claws, tendrils, throwing knives, spines, ect...
:iconshimmering-sword:  drew my MWO mech, "sheoldred". A KGC-000B

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