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Congo Johnson appears like a man who's glands never stopped to tell his bones to grow. He reaches well over nine feet, and that's not including his comically large afro; an afro brimming with the powers of Funk. His muscles are all lean, and with his tall torso and extra long limbs, he appears skinny and frail, leading many to underestimate his actual strength; especially when combined with his reach. People from the lands of Funk wear varying, and gregarious clothing, and Congo Johnson is a man well in tune with The Funk. He sports a neon pink suit, that strongly contrasts his dark, coffee colored skin, and leaves enough open space so his chest hair can let others know that this Funk Beast is not to be trifled with.
His scythe matches his height, and unlike Natalia's, is it all long curves and arching lines, making it a heavy hitting weapon that can devastate foes before they can even get near the former Knight. When necessary he will not hesitate to whip out a 44. magnum revolver or six to dispatch indiscriminate and funky justice, each big and heavy enough to wonder what gunsmith in their right mind would create such a monstrosity in the first place.
Reus: Congo Johnson description
Indiscriminant and Funky Justice 
Natalia , at first glance, appears to be harmless. She is a woman barely over five feet tall, and with a build that is slight, yet well curved, giving her the classic "hourglass" shape that makes her the envy of some of her deadly sisters. Her amber eyes are complimented by her lightly bronzed skin and jet black hair that flows in waves down past her shoulders. She adorns a stark black and white suit, designed for a beautiful singer and swing dancer, complete with tie, tails, skirt, and stylized top hat.
Natalia's scythe is stout, rigid, and unrelenting. Unlike most scythes, it is designed with few curves, and is primarily comprised of long straight lines and all the precision of a razor.

There's a place in Creation where there is an ever-present melody. where there is a global beat as natural as the rhythm of a heart. A world where music fills the souls of the people, and drives society to progress in unexpected ways.
Two nations set up their thrones here; two nations at peace with each other, but rife with internal corruption. A new age dawns on this world, as two big accusations against two big world powers threatens social stability.
At one end of the world, stands a former Knight, falsely accused and now despised by the public. Congo Johnson; a man betrayed, but determined; out to seek the truth and expose those responsible. Once part of the Knights of Funk; A group of guardians who upheld The Law. Knights who stood for truth, justice, and Funk. One dark day, a Knight broke every vow he took, committing a dozen crimes, leading to the entire order of the Knights being disbanded and labeled as traitors.
Congo Johnson knew the man, and knew he would never do that which he was accused, and sets out to find what lies below the web of deceit.
On the other side of the globe awaits a singer. a beauty with a bite. A feisty gal who's wit is as sharp and quick as her scythe, and who's resolve and discipline are as admirable as her combat prowess. A large shadow lurks about her, as she is the youngest child of a very powerful and influential mobster family; one accused heinous acts. Natalia goes through, searching for the very same truth in hopes of clearing her family name.
Despite her abilities on the battlefield, and her unyielding resolve, she is haunted by a case of narcolepsy, and fears for her ability to uncover the truth, or achieve independence,
Reus Preview
I have many a story, and yet I have yet to have one that is strange in a cartoony and dark way. Its like a semi-grungy and sinister story with an eclectic, colorful, and hyper-stylized coating on the outside.
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It's finally done! first step in my new plan. head on over to read Uuzarus: Redemption. its only aboot 10 pages long on a  word document, and I'm looking for your feedback!

now to find other reputable sites for posting creative writing....

oh, and don't forget to check out the magna version being done by :icondarkredmaplesword:


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